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We are learning
& training solutions 
full service design office.

At Creaamo, we think it's not always worth doing everything yourself. Especially the kind of things that we at Creaamo can do for you and even really well.

Creaamon asiakasprofiilit - Kuvassa yrityksen henkilö kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä ojentaa raakamateriaalia Creaamon työntekijälle, joka viimeistelee/kehittää/kaupallistaa sen ja toimittaa takaisin yrityksen yhteyshenkilölle.

Lean Course Production

To whom? Expert entrepreneurs and small organizations
who have a working course idea but are having trouble completing their first working online course.

What? With the Lean course production method, we get the first working version of the online course produced in a month. The method has a ready-made template that keeps the price reasonable. The course materials consist of videos and assignments that support learning.

from 2,520 €  + VAT 24%


Producers of an online learning platform

Course & training manuscripts, material production, setting up the course environment, assignment planning, pedagogical expertise

from € 5,000  + VAT 24%

Prices starting from. We calculate for entities 
offer always individually. If necessary, we can
requests a quote for all material production.

Laskemme kokonaisuuksille  tarjouksen aina yksilöllisesti. Sivun lopusta löydät tarjouspyyntölomakkeen.

Creaamon asiakasprofiilit - Kuvassa kolmen hengen tiimi tablettien ja checklistien kanssa rakentamassa koulutusta. Taustalla näkyy ruudulla kalenteri, hakukenttä sekä analytiikkaa.

Future competence workshop

To whom? For organizations and companies that want to
clarify or develop their competence strategy.

What? In the competence future workshop, a competence strategy is prepared for the customer. The service includes two 3-hour workshops and the preparation of a competence survey. The first maps the customer's competence situation now and in the future based on the organization's competence mapping, context analysis and future trends, as well as silent signals. The second finds suitable methods for accumulating and sharing competence for the customer. In addition to the workshops, a kick-off meeting and assembly will be held.

from € 5,500  + VAT 24%


Pedagogical auditing

For: For companies and experts who want to develop existing training or online courses.

What? In the audit, we assess whether the training is achieving learning and business goals. At the end of the assessment, the client will receive a report with concrete instructions for developing the training. The audit includes a kick-off meeting to map out the current situation and a final meeting during which
the customer can ask more specific questions about the report. Audit
the report will be completed two weeks after the kick-off meeting.

from € 1,500 *  + VAT 24%

* Price for max 10h training / course. For the wider
for entities, we calculate the offer individually.

Creaamon asiakasprofiilit - Mies kävelee luonnossa puolapuilla reppu selässään. Reitin varrella on tietokyltti, jonka QR-koodin lukemalla puhelimen ruudulle ilmestyy lisätietoa alueella asuvasta lintulajista.

A storyline track

To: For companies and organizations that provide leisure activities that want to present their services or products in a memorable way. Also suitable for a recreation day program.

What?  A story crossroads is a riddle or mystery of 6-10 tasks that is customized to the customer’s needs. The customer chooses a topic for the cross-country course: it can be, for example, Finnish nature, a sport or a well-known fairy tale. Creaamo’s children’s author creates a story-based mystery around the topic that participants need to figure out. The check mark is a great way to inspire customers to try new services or remind them of the existence of old ones.

from € 5,000 to € 10,000  + VAT 24%

Prices starting from. The final price depends on the amount of customization. Send us a message and we will map out your wishes and make an offer.

Virallinen Innoduel DEI-Pulse -valmentaja

Creaamo Oy on virallinen Innoduel DEI-Pulse -valmentaja ja yritysten tukena turvallisen, osallistavan ja yhteisöllisen työkulttuurin rakentamisessa.

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