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Skill Share -friendbook

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  • With the Skill Share -friendbook, you can ask your colleagues and friends to answer questions about you regarding how they see you in the professional setting.

    What adjectives would they use to describe you, and what do they think is your superpower? With the help of the answers, you will be able to better understand what kind of new skills would help you advance in your career.

    The booklet also records the things that the person filling in the book could teach you and what you could teach him/her. If the skills and learning goals meet, perhaps you can teach each other the skills in question - it's a win win situation! 💯

    The Skill Share friend book can be shared for networking purposes or used for example at the next team day. It's part of the Lead Your Learning -booklet, which helps you clarify your learning goals and gives you concrete tools to achieve them.

Worldwide delivery!

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